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Well, that seems a long time ago now! Actually 15 years.

Before starting DixonBaxi we were lucky to drive the expansion and intense growth of a really wild and exciting design agency. It taught us a lot about working at a large scale international level. In particular how to work in many different media and across all platforms. We were excited by and driven by how creativity can make a huge difference to a brand and how it connects to people.

However after a while we felt we needed something new. Something simpler, less driven by growth and money. Based more on creativity and personal satisfaction. So we started DixonBaxi. We had no preconception of what we would do but we knew we wanted to reboot as creatives. Try new ways of working and take our hard won skills and use them more carefully. The key was only being two people. A simple partnership. Over the years we’d worked out how to achieve a lot together so we just used the same mind set. Small but working at a high level

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It was nerve wracking at first as we gave up a lot and felt like we went back to a blank canvas. Initially we didn’t even show protective client creative work. We didn’t want to them to be influenced by our previous way of working. So we just talked about our approach and how we worked. It seemed to gel with a few people and we quickly picked up work. So from there we let the work speak for itself. We grew a small but very loyal client base and it allowed us to grow steadily and control how the we worked. The plan was to stay small and we did for many years, until we had to turn away too many fantastic projects and said yes a couple of times. Now there are 25 of us.

We’re lucky to work on a lot of very engaging projects. They are large, complex and usually highly creative. The ones that are the most rewarding are where we have made the biggest difference. For example working with Eurosport on their first rebrand in 26 years was a fantastic responsibility and an opportunity to rewrite the rulebook of how they operate as a brand. Working with the client, consultants, technical teams, other agencies and production teams to pull the whole thing together is a genuine buzz. Sometimes crazy, sometimes stressful but always amazing.


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