• Replacing or adding components is simple. The only interior obstruction is a metal airflow guide that separates video cards from the processor. It’s easy to remove and, once out of the way, you’ll have easily access to all video cards, the RAM, the processor, and the motherboard. In our test rig, which had a CPU liquid cooler and 128GB of RAM, the upper-most memory stick conflicted slightly with the CPU radiator, meaning the radiator would have to be removed to replace it. But that’s an extreme situation. Most rigs won’t have nearly as much RAM, so there won’t be any installed in that particular slot.

    Six hard drive bays are included. All of them feature tool-less design, and all of them work with either a 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drive. There are also four 5.25-inch bays for optical drives and, amusingly, a 3.5-inch external slot, in case you have a floppy drive laying around. All of the bays can be accessed without removing other components. The hard drive bays face outward, and the 5.25-inch bays have several inches of spare space behind them for cable runs.


    Falcon Northwest’s Mach V is the second system we’ve reviewed with Intel’s Core i7-6950X, the company’s latest 10-core behemoth. The Digital Storm Aventum 3 was first. And like the Aventum 3, the Mach V is overclocked to 4.3GHz, an increase of 1.3GHz over the processor’s base clock speed of 3GHz. Does that mean the Digital Storm and Falcon systems perform identically?

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    Falcon ships every Mach V with a three-year parts and labor warranty. The company also covers the cost of overnight shipping for the first year (after that, the customer has to pay). Finally, the warranty includes lifetime technical support.

    These terms are superior to all of Falcon’s competitors, and sometimes significantly so. Origin, for example, does not include a standard three-year warranty with any of its systems. Digital Storm claims to have a standard three-year warranty, but it only covers parts for one year.

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